Sapphire Rings in Yellow Gold

Left: Fatin's Ring
Ceylon Sapphire Yellow Gold and Tri-Gold Mokume Gane

Fatin approached me with some great ideas for a dress ring. She had a pile of old yellow gold to remodel and wanted to add some mokume gane and a sapphire. I sourced a stunning mid-blue Ceylon sapphire for her and designed a ring featuring a half-bezel setting for the gem. I made the sweeping framework by re-working Fatin's recycled gold and then added a gorgeous patterned strip of Japanese wood-grain metal called mokume gane. 

Middle: Penny's Heirloom Ring Remodel
Australian Sapphire in Yellow

Penny needed a new setting for an heirloom Australian sapphire from her grandmother. We kept it sweet and simple with a yellow gold band that matches the width of the inky-blue gem. A fine white gold half-bezel holds the precious family jewel in place. I then added a couple of smaller Ceylon sapphires, pressure set into the band on one side, giving some quirky asymmetrical detail to the design.

Right: John's Ring
Blue and Grey Star Sapphires in Yellow Gold

John approached me to design and handcraft and star sapphire ring as a special gift for his wife. I ordered in a selection of gems for him to view and choose from. In the end, it was an impossible task to select just one and he gave me the challenge of creating a design for two of the natural stones, one in dusty blue and the other a striking grey coloured gem.