Garden Brooch Series 2016

Sterling silver with steel pins.

I originally designed these three brooches as an exhibition entry. The concept behind the project was peering through a decorative round window into the garden beyond.

Brooch 1: "Mumma No Mado"
The voluminous layers of oxidised blossoms burst through the brushed silver window frame.

Brooch 2: "Watashi No Mado"
I hand-pierced a delicate Japanese-style pattern into the front layer of the brooch to create a window screen. There are a scattering of oxidised blossoms encroaching from the edges of the frame behind the highly polished silver screen.

Brooch 3: "Amy No Mado"
The pattern on the front, screen-like layer, is by Canberra textiles designer Amy Kerr. I painstakingly saw-pierced the pattern details into blackened sterling silver by hand. Pops of red enamelled blossoms peer through the window.