Rings Featuring Rose Gold

Left: Karen's Arabian Star Ring
Champagne and White Diamonds in Rose and White Golds

Karen was contemplating commissioning a champagne diamond ring when she spied a photo I took of an octagon and star pattern on a bridge in Dubai. Inspired by the pattern she drew up a ring design and sent it to me. I adored the design and jumped right on-board with the project. I handcrafted ring in rose gold with white gold details. The feature stone is an Australian "Champagne" diamond, accented by little white diamonds.

Middle: Narelle and Emily's Heirloom Ring Remodel
Diamonds in White Gold with Rose Gold Granules

Narelle supplied me with a ring she had inherited from her great aunt Mavis to be remodelled into something special for her daughter Emily's 21st birthday. The old-fashion original was white gold with the four diamonds set high and proud in not-so-practical claw settings. Emily wanted something more modern that she could wear as a dress ring. I designed and handcrafted a ring that could utilise the re-worked gold and diamonds from the original ring with the added fun of rose gold granules surrounding the newly set diamonds.

Right: Tara's Ring
Tourmaline in Rose Gold with Sterling Silver Ring Sleave

Tara brought this beautiful triangle-cut teal coloured tourmaline to me to have made into a ring. With the brief to create something chunky and wide in two-tone metals, I designed and handcrafted a wide silver band with a finer rose gold ring and bezel setting over the top.