Magnolia Branch Necklace

This stunning one-off piece has the appearance of a miniaturised flowering magnolia branch. Actually though, the piece features castings of one twig and two little succulent plant cuttings.

The plant pieces are cast directly from cuttings of real life plants. The organic cuttings are surrounded in plaster and then burnt away in a super hot kiln leaving a highly detailed hollow space inside. Molten precious metal, close to 1000 degrees Celsius, is then poured into the mould to fill the space where the plants once were. With bated breath, the plaster is then broken away to reveal if the plant replicas have successfully been formed in solid sterling silver. There is no rival for the unique beauty and detail produced by this process!

This necklace is handcrafted in solid sterling silver. The branch has been lightly oxidised to accentuate the details, whilst the succulent pieces, like blooms upon the branch, are a contrasting brushed silver.

The branch measures 8.5cm across.
The total length of the necklace, including the chain, measures 55cm. Requests for a longer or shorter lengths most welcome.

Oxidised and brushed sterling silver.


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Emma Kidson