Who we are and what we do:

Japonicity is a contemporary jewellery brand from Australian jeweller/designer Emma Kidson and her small team of dedicated staff.

Having travelled to Japan as an exchange student in her teens, Emma is inspired by the entrancing nature of the Japanese aesthetic. Modern re-workings of ancient floral motifs and strong origami influences are present throughout the Japonicity range. These contemporary adaptations of iconic Japanese patterns play with texture and lines, creating pieces that beg to be explored, touched and worn.

Predominantly made in sterling silver, each piece is handcrafted in our home studio. All our silver is nickel free and where possible, obtained from recycled resources.

The Name:

Japonisme- After Japan reopened to trade with the west in 1853, there was an influx of Japanese artefacts to Europe. Western artists became increasingly infatuated by Japanese fashion (and who can blame them!?). These influences slowly crept their way into European artwork. This is strongly evident throughout the Impressionist, Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. The style includes the use of large blocks of exaggerated colour, lack of perspective/shadows and minimalist detail as well as off centred viewpoints, and unusual angles. Essentially, Emma’s designs are part of the Japonisme movement!

City- We’ve incorporated the word city in with Japonisme to convey an urban trend.

And thus our business name was born.

Japonisme + city = JAPONICITY